Hi eveybody.

I’m in Huhohaote in Inner Mongolia. It is very hard to use internet or telephone in China. Most of public telephone is out of work. Maybe owners of telephone market in front of public phone booth broke them.

I have a temporary mobile phone. Phone number is ’86-133-7170-1478′. This number is valid until August 22nd. I bought international phone card in China, but it doesn’t work. And IC public phone card, either. So I can’t call you everybody. Sorry.

I met many western friends. There is Anold Swartzeneger, Michael, John and James. Of course I didn’t say any word to them.

In China, google web site is banned. Gmail is also blocked. So I can’t read my E-mail. -_-;;

Today, I waited one hour and half to buy a train ticket. To buy it is very very very difficult. Everyone waits but nobody buys the ticket. By the way, I don’t know why they are waiting;;;

China is not to dangerous I thought. Maybe India was more dangerous than China. One thing I can’t cope with is language. They don’t know English at all. Even though, I don’t know very easy words like ‘STUDENT’ or ‘ROOM’ or ‘BUS’. This is very big problem to me. But, I am Kim Jeonghoon. I can speak essential Chinese to prolong my life in China.

ByeBye Everybody. See you again.

– Jeonghoon –